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G’Power Harpoon Review

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                I was trying many paddles from many well-known brands and of course I liked one of them more or another one less. But from the other side I’ve broken so many of them and that caused I started to look for different options. As a pro-paddler before competition I have to be sure that all of my gear will work perfectly. During some competition in 2011 I broke  3 paddles during one event. I definitely needed change.

About G’Power Harpoon history

When I was younger I was using different G’Power paddles like Twister which was also nice for freestyle and creeking. I was satisfied from quality and weight of that paddle and I was sure that G’Power can create perfect product dedicated for freestyle and creeking. In the end of 2012 we started The Harpoon project. In the beginning me and G’Power designers know that paddle will be much lighter than others. We also wanted to give every paddler possibility of choice in blade sizes, length, accessories and stiffness. In our opinion every paddler has different style and different needs.


I started to test Harpoon prototype during spring of 2013. I was amazed how light and how strong are blades and shaft. Weight of paddle was much lower than in any other brands and shape of the shaft was much more comfortable. After a 4 months of testing and making the last corrections paddle was ready to world premiere during the Euro Cup in Prague and World Championships in NOC.

I finally started to be more concentrated on my runs. I was sure that my paddle won’t fail me and I finally started to show that I’m European top freestyle paddler. In Prague I was 2nd which meant for me that I’m back! I hit so many times in the concrete during that competition because hole was very shallow on the right side but my paddle looked and worked so good.

During World Championships in Nantahala I had exactly the same feeling. I didn’t worry about my paddle. I was sure everything will gonna be all right. I won the bronze medal in K1M which is so far the best result of Polish paddler in Freestyle World Championships. I’ve heard opinions that I should be second or even first, but even 3rd place was something big for me. 

When I’m looking on that competitions and everything what happened next – joining to The Dagger Team, become the Palm Ambassador, start cooperation with SONY. I’m thinking that everything started because I trusted G’Power crew, who made a perfect paddle which finally gave me a chance to show my potential. Sometimes you need to change one thing to feel that everything turns into the right direction.

About Harpoon paddle:

  • Length of the paddle – as you wish,
  • Weight of paddle – depends of length but not bigger than 840- 880 grams (medium stiffness) and 820- 860 grams (hard stiffness),
  • Size of the blade – as you wish:
M- 660 cm2
L-700 cm2
XL- 740 cm2 (the biggest on the market) For everyone who need very powerful strokes or who likes shorter shafts.
  • Blade is connected in one piece with half of shaft,
  • Shaft – ergonomic in standard, very comfortable grip with dry connection in the middle,
  • Shaft diameter is 30mm which make that paddle comfortable for everyone (junior, junior ladies, seniors),
  •  Angle of the blades (you can change it every time using Carbon Q-nect system).

I’m using G’Power Harpoon with length of 197 cm, hard ***, with XL blade size and Carbon Qnect System. In my opinion that model is the best paddle dedicated for freestyle and Creek boating on the market.

Tomasz Czaplicki


What about G’Power Harpoon think double bronze medalist of last European Championships and World Cup finalist- Zofia Tuła?

I love G’Power Harpoon because it’s so light and with Carbon Qnect System travelling is much easier. Every time when I’m flying somewhere I can split my paddle into two pieces and put it inside of my boat. That makes me sure my paddle is safe.

In my opinion Harpoon gave me opportunity to learn new moves like Mc Nasty or Phoenix Monkey faster, because it’s so light and I can make maneuvers quicker.

I have G’Power Harpoon in length 192 cm, hard*** with L blade size and Carbon Qnect System. It’s the best paddle I’ve ever had”.

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